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i'm a self-employed 30 year old who's interested in roleplaying, writing and drawing - with the occasional photography thrown in for good measure. I play video games and watch anime and various tv shows. I also like baking and gardening. I'm shy and introverted and probably act that way online too. I collect ball-jointed dolls and (sometimes) blythes as well as lots of other random things. Currently obsessed with my BJDs. I have a boyfriend of almost ten years - he is the best thing in my life. My favourite drinks are tea and water though I may drink Pepsi from time to time. I like to rant and complain about important and insignificant stuff, sometimes at the same time. I also post more on tumblr.
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Hey, I see that you're a fan of Cowboy Bebop and I just recently started watching it with my boyfriend. I think we have quite a lot in common! I love gaming, anime, and I collect Pokemon merchandise. :) I also really love roleplaying and I adore tea. I'd love to be friends, if you'd be interested?