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i'm a self-employed 30 year old who's interested in roleplaying, writing and drawing - with the occasional photography thrown in for good measure. I play video games and watch anime and various tv shows. I also like baking and gardening. I'm shy and introverted and probably act that way online too. I collect ball-jointed dolls and (sometimes) blythes as well as lots of other random things. Currently obsessed with my BJDs. I have a boyfriend of almost ten years - he is the best thing in my life. My favourite drinks are tea and water though I may drink Pepsi from time to time. I like to rant and complain about important and insignificant stuff, sometimes at the same time. I also post more on tumblr.
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[personal profile] scoot 2012-01-29 03:22 am (UTC)(link)

I saw your comments on LJ's recent (and possibly final, knowing them) news post and since I pretty much agreed with all of them, decided to check out your journal and followed the link there to this DW. (And, well, your username there caught my eye, not going to even pretend to lie about that. Balthier's my favorite Final Fantasy male.)

Aaanyway, I also adore Cowboy Bebop, even if I haven't seen it in forever, and I used to be a fairly avid roleplayer on LJ. We probably have other things in common, too! Would you like to be DW friends?

(Don't pay any mind to Faye's expression in my icon, I only used it here since it's the only Faye one I have uploaded. :3)